FEMP.ME was created in 2012 and is a side brand of FEM Productions. The purpose of FEMP.ME is that we are able to help more brands by allowing you access to our amazing tools, hosting and resources that we also use daily basis for our own digital marketing clients worldwide.

FEMP.ME has tools for all kinds of digital marketing and is more intended for the do-it-yourself type person or company. For those who use WordPress are advantaged further as we have had a special focus with WordPress for almost a decade and build plugins and themes from the ground up.

A little bit more background on our main brand, FEM Productions, is that we are an internationally known digital marketing and event management company, official Google Partner and authorised Facebook Ads Agency. Asides from that we also specialise in website development, marketing strategy, search engine marketing, graphic & print design, event management, business automation, process management, video, and multimedia.

The main difference between FEMP.ME and FEM Productions is that the site you are on now, FEMP.ME, you get support but ultimately you need to work with the tools at your own pace. Whereas compared to our main brand, that’s for those who prefer to have the full one-on-one professional advisory and fully tailored solutions. If that sounds more like you, then head over to our main FEM Productions website.

With over a decade of industry knowledge & experience, there is definitely something to look forward to by utilising our creative and innovative tools, hosting and resources.


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